“The projects Green Landscape Solutions has installed for me range from small to large, relatively simple (because my artistry is rarely simple) to quite complex. In every situation, they ask questions and explore various possibilities based on budget and aesthetics, knowing full well that the time and expense my clients take to go through a design process with me is not to be overlooked or greatly adapted.

Most importantly his crew rocks. The foremen and the individual crew members are conscientious, kind, polite and fun to work with. I demand a lot from the landscape contractors that I develop relationships with. I don’t take no for an answer. Once I find a contractor like Brian I am very loyal.”

–Karla Dakin

“It has been my pleasure to have worked with this vendor for the past three years and their professionalism has helped my company’s production efficiencies greatly. Their team is well organized in all aspects. The design work, purchasing, job supervision and final product are all very impressive. I know that I can count on them to offer innovative ideas and to complete the work to the high levels that Boulder Creek and it’s homeowners demand.

–Daniel K. Millard, Construction Manager, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

“It is clear to all of us here at Cornerstone Contracting, that Green Landscape Solutions is one of the best landscaping contractors in the Boulder County area.  We’ve had a strong business relationship with this company for the past six years.   They outclass their competition by a wide margin;  Since we started working with Green, they quickly established themselves as our primary landscaping services contractor and we’ve enjoyed a highly productive and mutually beneficial association.  We highly recommend them for any projects they are pursuing and are certain you will be as satisfied with their services as we are.”

–Eric Roshon, Project Mana